Easy Breezy Summer Entertaining

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Who needs a special occasion for a summer get-together? Good friends, good food and good weather are reason enough! No need to stress over the details though. Just relax and let it flow together, easy as a summer breeze. This time it’s all about having fun. Here are some ways to keep is simple and stress-free.

Spread Out
Instead of worrying about table space for everyone, just plan on allowing guests to eat in lawn chairs, lounge chairs, or picnic style. Use area rugs or picnic blankets and cushions to turn the yard into the best seat in the house. Bring out the picnic baskets (or borrow from friends) and tuck special treats inside for guests to find. Doesn’t this make you want to pile on cushions and dig through the basket?

cushions and basket
cushions from Hayneedle, basket from Wayfair

Simple Fare
Try to make foods that can be eaten one handed. This allows people to eat while standing or balancing food in their laps from lawn chairs or blankets. Ditch recipes that require cutting food with a knife – save the steaks for smaller, fancier gatherings. Think picnic fare and your guests will find eating to be a breeze.

Party on Wheels
Roll out bar carts, kitchen carts, kids wagons and lawn carts for mobile food and drink stands. They are super easy to roll back into the house to restock and relocate around the yard as needed. Encourage guests to mingle by scattering drinks by one seating area and desserts by another.

bar cart from Pottery Barn, yard cart from Home Depot

Now download a playlist from the summers you were young and carefree and I’ll bet everyone will be singing and dancing to the memories. Check out some more ideas on our pinterest board. Happy summer!

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