Emerging Kitchen Trends for 2015

Design Trends

There are some fresh, exciting new kitchen design trends emerging in 2015! If you are planning a kitchen remodel in 2015, be sure to check out these ideas:

    • Celebrating Ceilings

Not content to be boring any longer, ceilings in the kitchen are striving to make a statement and to make us look up using artful lighting, bulkheads, coffer ceilings, beams, windows, and classical embellishments. The wood features in this kitchen draw the eye up to a row of clerestory windows for a floating ceiling illusion.

    • Luxury Metals

Warmer, luxury metals like bronze, copper and even gold will shine in 2015. From large feature items like range hoods and backsplashes to small touches like faucets and light fixtures, you can dress up your everyday kitchen easily.
hammered copper prep sink

    • Minimal Wall Cabinets

Open floor plans are spreading out even more by limiting or even eliminating kitchen wall cabinets, adding to the desired spacious feel and allowing for more windows.
Minimal Wall Cabinets

    • Open Shelving

Not just for displays anymore, open shelving is adding to the airy open-concept kitchen design with a very personal, lived-in, practical vibe.
Open Shelving

    • Touchable Textures

The shift toward natural, tactile materials like stone, wood in natural forms rather than smooth finishes and hammered metals continues to make new kitchen designs positively touchable.
Touchable Textures1

    • Vibrant Colors

Move over tired, monochromatic color schemes. Vibrant hues are coming back to the kitchen! Rich, bold colors like royal blue, crimson red, and mustard yellow inspired by tribal palettes will be spicing up kitchen designs this year.

See more photos of the trends above on our pinterest board.

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