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Part of what I enjoy most about what I do is being able to see and feel the myriad of fabrics available today.  Visiting the various fabric showrooms is like being a kid in a candy store, and looking at a new fabric collection is like watching fireworks on the 4th of July, complete with oooh’s and aah’s.  Every time I see a new fabric (or old favorite reinterpreted) I like to imagine how I might use it in a client’s home- or even my own.  Here are some of my current favorite fabrics and how I imagine using them.

Mohair velvet

Mohair velvets- I talked about these in a previous post.  They have a fabulous lush feel and look, not to mention the fact that they’re incredibly durable, and the colors…..ooh so many and so rich! 

Interesting Ikat

Ikat is a pattern that’s produced in a method similar to tie-dying.  They’re one of the oldest forms of textile decoration, and while they come in many patterns, I happen to like the one shown above.  These look great in many applications; on pillows, chairs, ottomans.  They’re so interesting and add an exotic, ethnic element to a room.

Silly Monkeys!

Ethnic prints are always interesting, adding personality and fun to a room.  I used this print recently on pillows for a client’s living room.  Each face of the pillow featured a different monkey!  Depending upon your tolerance for color and pattern, these can be used on anything from pillows to sofas.

Embossed leather - cool, huh?

Leathers- I love the feel of a silky soft leather and also love the fabulous textured and hair-on leathers.  Each one adds its own interest and appeal.  And leather can be used in almost any design style from art deco through mid-century modern.

Cheetah print

Last on today’s list is animal prints.  I think they’re fun, and can be used on large or small items.  Again, you have to enjoy pattern and a touch of whimsy, but the good news is they can be in almost any color combination- not just those found in nature!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favorite fabrics and also hope that you’ll weigh in on some of yours!  Happy Valentine’s day!

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