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With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, front porches and entryways are resplendent in brilliant autumn décor or small-stage renditions of the spookiest day on our calendar, all soon to be followed up with winter holiday décor. Our front doors get the full makeover treatment in the last quarter of the year but during the other months they are downright dull. Your front door can be beautiful year-round and it doesn’t take over-the-top décor to achieve it. Here are some simple yet gorgeous ways to make your front door a star of your home and increase your home’s curb appeal:

  • Color, Color, Color!

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is a believer in the case for contrast and for good reason. The lovely options above are bright, cheerful, and the opposite of boring. Their front door inspiration page offers examples in just about every color of the rainbow. Match your shutters and window trim or choose a harmonious third color for even more options. These traditional color options are classic choices, as well as black and shades of gray.

Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design (left and center); Faust Construction (right)

These next three colors are less traditional but no less eye-catching. The purple, chartreuse, and orange above harmonize beautifully despite being unusually bold door colors. The sky is the limit on front door color choices.

  • Shapely Styles

Michael Fullen Design Group (left); Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design (right)

Another way to dress up your entryway is to incorporate unique shapes. The two images on the left are of the same home – the front gate and the front door. Like hobbit doors gone modern, both use color and shape to charming effect. The two images on the right show the outside and inside views of stained wood door covered by dozens of squares that cast unique shadows and light in the entryway. This large wooden structure manages to look both imposing and charming at the same time.

  • Metal Marvels

Modern Steel Doors

Metal doors aren’t just for warehouses and other industrial purposes any longer. Gorgeous modern and contemporary door styles abound, drawing on the organic feel of the various metals. Shiny, tarnished, powder coated, sculpted and glass incorporated options allow you to create your own unique door for your unique family home. Sculpted metal hardware options (like the two shown at the far right above).

  • Wood Wonders

Pivot Door Company

Last but never least, don’t forget the beauty and versatility of stained wood doors. From traditionally hung doors to these oversized, contemporary pivot door options, you’ll find nothing more beautiful and show-stopping than the perfect wood and stain.

Feeling inspired to show your front door some much deserved attention? Which option do you love best? Check out our pinterest board for more beautiful front door ideas.

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