Planning for Your Luxury Home Remodel

As many of you are now considering areas in your home that need some changes, we thought we’d re-issue these tips for the planning phase of your project.

For some of us, there may be the extra excitement of planning for a remodel in the new year. Congratulations! In our blog Tackle Home Design with a Star Lineup, we brought you some guidelines on building your team: the architect, the contractor, and the designer. Planning a luxury home build is a huge endeavor with spectacular results. Planning is essential.

Where do you turn to get information about budgeting for your remodel or new home? Take a look at the Home Trust International’s guidelines. They are leaders in the luxury home industry and a great resource to help you figure out your luxury home investment. Here’s a brief summary of their article:

1. Budget up to 35% of the value of the finished home for interior design services, project management and furnishings.
2. Interior design firms generally earn one third of the total investment.
3. Variables include renovations, art or furniture you may be bringing from another home.

CS Designer
Catherine Schager, AKBA, ASID Allied Member

A good designer can guide you through this process to help you figure out where to splurge and where to save. I offer a great outline of my process on my FAQs page and you can quickly schedule an initial phone meeting with me from my Contact Us page if you are ready to explore further.

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The most important goal is to end the process with a gorgeous new home that feels like HOME SWEET HOME to you and your family. You can best reach that goal with good planning and realistic budgeting guided by a team of professionals who want to help you with your achieve your dream. Happy new home dreaming!

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