Splurge or Save??

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Whenever I’m working with a client – be it on a large remodel or a smaller project, the issue of budget always comes up. I actually ask for it at our very first meeting so that I can help my clients select the right items and we don’t waste time on things that they’re not interested in. Having a budget also means that if we splurge in one area we save in another. Here’s a project I’m currently working on:

The clients want to re-do their master bedroom including paint, window treatments, and new bedding. We selected our window treatment fabrics, but found that our panel fabric took us over their budget. We had several options to bring the budget back in line:

  • A. Do the valances only, without doing panels alongside the windows
  • B. Keep the more expensive panel fabric and go beyond the budget
  • C. Use the less expensive panel fabric and add a trim to the valance for a dressier look
  • D. Give up because they can’t make a decision

Sadly, many people make choice D. Here are our fabric and trim choices:

The winner: the original panel fabric and the fabulous trim! The client decided that they deserved to have a beautiful master bedroom and going beyond the budget was ok.

Client's Choice!

Which would you choose?

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