The Art of Accessorizing- Part I

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Have you ever looked at one of your outfits and thought “Boring!”, and then found that it became fabulous when you added some cool shoes, a belt or funky necklace?  (Ok, maybe the guys haven’t).  Guess what? It’s the same when you’re creating a beautiful room. 

Accessories are the must-have decorative items for your room that give it warmth, make it inviting, and are a fun way to express your personality.  As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that you set aside a full 30% of your room’s budget for those pieces.  Think I’m kidding?  Let’s look at an example of a room that’s not accessorized, and then take a look at a beautifully  done room.

Queen Anne cherry dining room set in a bare room
Let's ignore the centerpiece (it's barely there anyway)

Ok, so how much fun do you think you’d have attending a dinner party in this room? Think it looks perfectly ok?  Let’s look at another.

Magazine picture of Boston Design Center Showhouse designed by Gerald Pomeroy
Boston Design Center Showhouse room designed by Gerald Pomeroy

 Did I hear you say “Wow”?  Now the style here may or may not be to your liking, but let’s look at the elements that make this room more interesting than the previous picture.  First, there’s the chandelier.  It doesn’t just add light, it adds a feeling of elegance and warmth.  The mirror is a little funky and contemporary in feel for the room, but lends an element of personality.  The sculptured pieces on the buffet and console flanking the table echo the soft lines in the wall paper, the mirror and the chandelier.  The wallpaper and window treatments add a formal feel without being stuffy.  The additional lighting in the room provided by the lamp on the console allows for “mood” lighting and another layer of interest (more coming on good lighting in future posts!) The centerpiece adds some linear, graphic elements blended with softness and color.  And the rug!   It’s a great statement in and of itself, with its bold graphic and deep color.  Now, I want you to try to visually subtract all of these accents.  Think you’d have a good-looking room that beckons you to spend time and enjoy each other’s company?  I think not.  Accessories are like the spices that you put in a recipe.  They add flavor, color, and the dish would be very bland without them!

Next post we’ll look at some things to think about when accessorizing a room.  Have any great stories about a room or piece of furniture that went from drab to fab with a few great accessories?  I have a sofa that was rather plain until I came across this fabulous silk rug that’s become a throw over the back of the sofa.  It lends color, texture and pattern and really warms up the space!

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