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The time for being indoors is fast approaching. There’s nothing like sprucing up your home with some gorgeous art to see you through the dreary weather months. Here is some advice to get you started on the art of selecting art:

I find that many people are intimidated at the idea of selecting art. You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate art. Even if you have no experience with art, you are still the expert at selecting the perfect art for you. Don’t be afraid to love what you love.

Christina S. Bates, owner and director of The Art Post Gallery, offers some great advice to her clients who are intimidated by fine art.

  • First, be committed to buying less and buying better.
  • Get out and educate yourself by visiting a variety of galleries. Ask questions (about the medium/artist etc) notice that real art created by real artists looks different….it has soul.
  • Buy what speaks to YOU.
  • Buy what you love BUT take into consideration size, scale,colors,lighting and feel of the spaces in your home.
  • Always try art in your home for a few days and then imagine it gone….do you miss it?
  • Remember, art adds character to your home. When you walk into a room, it’s the art that sets the tone/mood/statement/personality more than anything else.
  • Collected over time, art can be timeless if purchased for the right reasons…not just matching the couch.

Rebecca Pogonitz, Chicago Interior Designer of GOGO Design Group wrote a wonderful blog The Art of Selecting Art, where she advises “Don’t rush the process, just roll with it, and select art from your heart, not from someone else‘s.”

Great advice Rebecca! What speaks to your heart? Are you fascinated by the human form? Graphic art images? Antique cars? (images from

Get to exploring! Try these sites to start:,,,,, or Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to prints and paintings. One of my clients had some of her purse collection framed and we created a unique gallery wall that truly speaks to her.

For more inspiration, see our pinterest board of art selections.

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