The Kitchen Exhaust Hood Gets a Makeover

The old-fashioned kitchen range hood is no longer the ugly duckling of appliances. It is now anything you want it to be: sleek and sophisticated, contemporary, funky, rustic, or even custom-made designs to match a theme kitchen.

This sleek, contemporary wall mounted Blanco Cooker Hood by Gutmann Adelante is perfect for modern kitchen designs.

The Francois Marble/Limestone Range Hood by GCAT Stone Design, crafted from one single piece of natural limestone, lends a classic old-world charm to this kitchen design.

The Lipstick Range Hood from the Sorpresa collection by Best gives a fun splash of color in a compact size.

This Pop-Up Downdraft Vent system by Broan is a space-saving design with a stainless steel cover that sits flush with the countertop when not in use.

You can find range hoods in a variety of metals, such as copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver and stainless steel. Here is a soft distressed Copper Range Hood by Texas Lightsmith with brick surround.

Custom-made range hoods add an inspired touch to a theme kitchen, like this unique range hood made to look like a storefront with sloping Mediterranean-style roof tile.

Today’s range hoods offer a mix of beauty and efficiency to compliment every kitchen design. Do you think a hood should be the showpiece of a kitchen, or only play a supporting role?

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