The “New Normal” – Working from Home

Tips and Advice

So, we’re all pretty much doing it. (Working from home!) It may be a scramble for you to figure out WHERE you’re going to work and on/with what. Here are some suggestions for keeping a bit of sanity and a place for you to work.

  • Try to find an out-of-the-way space that’s doesn’t see much traffic. It could be the laundry room, (make sure it’s presentable when doing Zoom meetings), a corner in the basement (lighting will be important) or a spot in the guest room.
  • You needn’t carve out a huge space – especially if you’re working on a laptop- as little as 24 – 30” can work.
  • Make sure it’s tidy – it helps keep you focused.
  • Good lighting is important – utilize floor lamps or clip-on lamps if needed.
  • Have a comfortable chair.
  • Consider getting a laptop stand for ergonomics.
    • The top of your screen should be at eye level, so you’re not spending the day with your head bent.
    • If you have adjustable arms on your desk chair, adjust them to the height of the keyboard- much better to prevent carpal tunnel.
  • Make the space as welcoming as possible. Add a photo or two of the family, maybe a plant, or position yourself as close to a window as possible.

Yes, these are challenging times, but good and thoughtful design can help you work well, feel well and stay optimistic. Check out our pinterest board for ideas to create your own work space.

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