The Results Are In!


I can now share with you the results of the bathroom and bedroom project that seems so long ago!  The pictures are back and ready to post! 

Here’s where we started:

"Before" Bathroom


Now here’s the room completed!

New Bathroom- All finished!

Here’s another view:

Another view

The client loves her new bathroom!  She has plenty of new storage space, a functional mirror and a lots of cool features that she will be able to enjoy for many years.  As we considered aging- in- place issues in the beginning, she will not need to change anything if her needs change.

Now let’s take a look at the bedroom.

The bedroom "before"

And another view of the bedroom pre-makeover:


Here’s what it looks like now:

Her new, sleek, sophisticated bedroom!

Here’s one more view of the new custom-built dresser by Justin Oliver of Vision Built Furniture!  He did a fabulous job on the dresser and nightstands and on the vanity!  You can check out his website at:

Built by Justin Oliver of Vision Built Furniture!

The center top drawer actually houses her cable box!  There’s a magic eye that allows the remote to function without having to have the cable box visible.  Cool, huh?

The “after” photos are courtesy of Romy Modlin Photography.  She did a great job on them!

It’s satisfying to know that the changes really affect her enjoyment of her home.  The rooms feel more spacious and function better as well as offering a lot more light!

What do you think?  Is it a space you would enjoy?

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