Tips for a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

Tips and Advice

Here are some tips for a beautiful Thanksgiving table:

  • Utilize fresh vegetables and fruits like Pomegranates, pumpkins, nuts in the shell, artichokes, etc. interspersed with fresh seasonally colored flowers for a beautiful centerpiece.
  • food centerpiece

  • Pick one or two theme colors for the table and collect the dishes, glassware, and table linens that have elements of those colors. They don’t have to match, but if there is a unifying color it will all pull together.
  • Country-Eclectic-Thanksgiving-Plates

  • Don’t worry about everything being “perfect” or matched. Some of the most interesting tables mix up different dinnerware. As long as there’s a unifying theme, it’ll look great.
  • Set the table ahead of time, so the guests can enjoy the beautiful table and anticipate a wonderful meal.
  • The most important thing at the table: your loved ones. Celebrate the bounty of love and affection that you have for one another and cherish the memories. A chipped glass or slightly over done turkey won’t ruin the meal if your focus is on who is at the table and how grateful you are for all that you have.
  • Thanksgiving Family

I’m grateful for my parents, wonderful husband, two step-sons and daughter-in-law, my niece and my 3 grandsons. Oh yes, and our grand-dog. While we won’t see all of them on Thanksgiving, the memories of fun times we’ve shared will be what we’re grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah!

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