Top 5 Budget Bathroom Updates

Tips and Advice

Is your Master Bathroom monotonous? Your Powder Room no longer perky? Here are 5 low-cost fixes for you:

  1. If your fixture looks like this, it’s time to “see the light”! You can say goodbye to those “Hollywood lights” for a minimal cost.
  2. Perk up a boring bathroom with a weekend paint project. Be brave! Paint your walls in bold, contrasting colors.
  3. Do you have a plain builder’s mirror? Frame it! You can select your favorite style of molding from your local hardware store, cut to fit your mirror, and paint or stain to match your bathroom. If you don’t want the do-it-yourself hassle, you can replace your plain mirror for a reasonable cost.
  4. Want a project that a makes a dramatic statement quickly? Replace your outdated faucet. There are a variety of contemporary faucets available for under $100, like this waterfall faucet sold by sinofaucet.
  5. Opt for some spunky cabinet hardware. One caveat – make sure the new hardware will work with the holes already drilled in your doors and drawers. Before shopping, measure the “spread” from the center of one hole to the center of the next hole on your existing handles.
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