Top 5 Clues That You Need A Designer

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So you think you might need a designer, but you’re not really sure.  Here are the top 5 clues that you need help:

#5 .  Your kids are in college and you’re still using your college furniture!

Does your furniture look like this?

#4.  You love color, but can’t seem to choose anything but beige.

Would you like to break away from this?

#3.  The project you began a year ago is still unfinished.

Does your basement look like this?

#2.  If your kitchen were a celebrity, it would be Ugly Betty.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but these would all be bad.

And the # 1 clue that you need a designer’s help:

Your home could be used for the set of “That 70’s Show”!

Please call me, I can help!

 If any of these look like they belong to you or to someone you love, don’t wait.  Call me now!

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