Top 5 Cool Products

Here are some really cool products that I’ve stumbled across lately.  Enjoy!

  • EVOline – this is a neat way to plan your electrical access in your kitchen.  Just think, no more breaking up your backsplash with unsightly outlets.  Store them either above the counter or below and access them with the touch of a finger!
Schulte Electro Systems answer to unsightly outlets!
  •  Best Hood’s “Lipstick” ventilator.  Ok, it’s not for everyone, but you have to admit it’s kinda sexy!
The "Lipstick" range hood
  •  Miele’s pop-up ventilation- A neat way to ventilate without making it a focal point.
Miele's Downdraft ventilation
  •  The S-box storage system.  Ok, I agree that I have a thing for ways to conceal stuff.  Maybe it’s the neatnik in me….
Lots of ways to conceal those things that clutter up your counter!
  • Last, but not least- Modono glass tiles.  Right, this has nothing to do with any of these other products, but it’s on my “cool” list.  These are actually textured tiles, available in many colors and patterns.
Modono Glass tile

So, do any of these do it for you??

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