A Trio of New Door Styles!

Welcome to 2021!  A brand-new year with some fresh offerings from our Greenfield Cabinet line!

You may know that we have partnered for several years with the Corsi Group to offer our clients quality cabinets and a streamlined, custom experience. Corsi’s Greenfield and Siteline cabinets are made here in the U.S. (in Indianapolis and West Virginia), offer quality construction, details and options and a great value. But what I am most proud of is the level of service that I receive from the factory. Everyone at the factory, from line workers, to finishers, to the customer service team works together and are proud to deliver their best always. They also stay on the cutting edge of cabinet trends throughout the country!  Here are some new offerings that I think are inspiring. Stay tuned to see new finishes offered next week!

One thing you’ll notice about these 3 new styles: They all have a flat center panel and a raised edge all the way around the door. Flat center-paneled cabinets have been on-trend for a number of years, and the most popular door style has been the Shaker style. These three offerings riff on the Shaker style and take it up a notch to be slightly more modern and organic. All three styles can be used either in a more contemporary or clean traditional setting. They’d make an awesome statement in a library, office, or dining room too! Here’s our runway line-up! (Ok, imagine a fashion runway complete with flashing lights and sexy-voiced MC…)

First up is the Quaid, shown here in a Hybrid Rift-Cut White Oak veneer, sporting a beautiful mitre-cut frame. Oak is definitely on-trend this year and you’ll be seeing more of its beefy, brawny grain that imparts a feel for nature.

Next up we have Quentin with a mid-sized frame, shown in a painted finish. Yes, paint (especially whites mixed with darker tones like slate and navy) are still hot hot hot! 

Last but not least is the Quincy, sporting the ultra-thin edge frame. Quincy is for those who want a clean, sleek look but shy away from a straight slab door. It’s elegantly dressed in a Hybrid Walnut veneer which appeals to those Mid-Century Mad Men. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little kick-off ‘fashion” show! We will be featuring more in the days and months to come!

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