What Will Cabinets be Wearing in 2021?

In our last post we showed you some of the new and exciting door styles in our Greenfield line. You might be asking, “but what about the finishes? Is a white kitchen still the standard by which all others are judged?” The answer to that is no. Clients all over the country are showing their individuality and desire to connect with nature. While white is still prominent and classic, here are some other woods and finishes that you’ll be spotting in homes and magazines.

What’s old is new again: Remember last week I talked about Oak making a comeback? Does the thought of white-washed Oak from the 80’s make you cringe? Well, good news – you don’t have to cringe with these new Oak stains. There’s everything from a rustic finish grey Oak for those looking for that farmhouse aesthetic to the Scandinavian influence of natural finish White Oak to classic darker brown finishes that accentuate the natural grain patterns. 

Choices in grain pattern: Without going into too much detail about how wood is cut, know that there are three types of cuts that give you different looks:

  • Flat cut: You see the familiar pattern of Oak (think of Oak floors with the definite arch patterns)
  • Rift cut: A way of cutting the tree to create a more uniform, straight grain
  • Quarter Sawn: Think of Arts and Crafts pieces of furniture done in Oak. You don’t see the arch patterns (cathedrals) but you do see a straighter grain with some flecks in it. 

Our new offerings consist of White Oak in Flat Cut, Random Plank (sizes of the plank varies, just like in flooring) and Rift Cut

New colors: While grey is still on-trend, we’re seeing some fresher natural finishes as well. Take a look at these greys; they’re softer and more transparent.

Ready for rustic? While it isn’t for everyone, this rough-cut, limed finish could be a gorgeous partner to a high-gloss acrylic or even white painted cabinets. 

Stay tuned throughout the year for new introductions!

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