Creating Defined Outdoor Spaces

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Utilizing our outdoor areas is a great way to expand on the space our homes have available. A cozy outdoor living area can be the perfect retreat. Creating defined outdoor rooms might seem like a maintenance headache of intricate landscaping but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Inviting, distinct spaces can be carved out with any number of simple design arrangements. Here are just a few methods:

Dividers and Privacy Screens
There are so many simple screens and dividers available for the outdoors! Folding or hanging screens, large planters, living walls, curtains and even outdoor lighting can easily and beautifully define a section of your backyard into an inviting outdoor room.

privacy screens
(above left:, center:, right:

Destination Points
An open expanse of yard can become a defined space by creating a destination point. A seating area, a raised or sunken patio, an outdoor fire pit, or an outdoor structure create functional retreats where family members and guests can spend time.
Outdoor structures
(above left:, right:

Furniture Arrangement
Yards and patios can be divided into functional spaces with well designed furniture arrangements. Carve out gathering points and individual, private retreats by strategically selecting and placing outdoor furniture.
Curved Seating

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