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Black and white floor plan with yellow pencilToday was day 1 for construction on a project that I’ve been working on since mid- May, a bedroom make-over and gut rehab of my clients’ one and only bathroom.   We’ve made all of our selections, and now it’s time to get everything in place.  It feels great that start day is finally here! Here’s a little peek at how the weekend began and today went.

Friday- met with contractor to go over everything and give him tile layout, spec sheets for products and get any final questions answered.  Needed to send him some info on lighting and rough-in dimensions for the mirror.

Today- Started out early with phone call to approve fabrics for the bedroom, and phone call to vendor doing the labor for coverlet, shams, pillow and window treatments.

While taking the train downtown I received a call from the plumbing fixture delivery men- fortunately the contractor was already on the scene and there when I called him (having a good contractor is invaluable!) Oh-oh, contractor called and rejects the tub because it’s got a chip.  Rats.  Call the plumbing people and request a new one to be delivered tomorrow.  After a few back & forth phone calls, that’s done.  Whew, feel like I dodged a bullet already.  If that had been a special- order tub, it may have held up our job for quite a while.  Considering that the client only has one bathroom that would be a problem! 

Arrive at destination, meet friend and get phone call from cabinet maker with questions about the vanity.  He can’t do both soft-close and touch-latch drawers and doors.  No problem, client and I had already discussed that possibility and the touch-latch option is more important to her.  Confirm with cabinet-maker that we’ll get updated delivery time for vanity on Friday after checking in with contractor.

Come back to office after networking lunch and try to approve revision on stone countertop specs.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some disconnect with what I’m asking for and what keeps showing up on the specs.  Will have to call and speak to someone so I get what I’m asking for.  

 Ok, call me a little anal, but that’s what clients pay me for.  I want to be sure that I do my best to avoid any “oops” factor and ensure that the project goes smoothly and on time. The only way to do that is to be sure that all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s ” crossed.   

Tomorrow:  Check in with contractor to be sure all is progressing, call fabric vendor to see when fabric was shipped to chair vendor.  Call stone people to get specs straightened out.  

Now I hold my breath until everything is in place and the client is happy!  Check back for more project updates and pictures!

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