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With the unofficial start to summer coming up this weekend, it’s time to get our outdoor spaces in shape for summer entertaining and relaxation. We’ve asked Rick Glickman of Dream Kitchens to share his expertise on creating beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens.


What are the latest and greatest products for outdoor kitchens?

• Dekton, a specially manufactured solid surface that holds up to climate and UV
• The Galley Sink, a food prep and serving system
• Powder coated cabinets that look like real wood, but last for years with minimal maintenance

What types of outdoor cabinets fare the best in the Chicago climate?

We believe stainless steel cabinets, powder coated.

Can we incorporate sinks, dishwashers, and refrigeration into outdoor kitchens? What concerns do we need to have for the harshness of our winters?

Absolutely! Make sure they are manufactured specifically for outdoor use and turn them off before winter.

What’s important about selecting the right company to create and install an outdoor kitchen?

You want a firm that has experience doing it correctly and has the manufacturers endorsement!

How long have you offered outdoor kitchens?

Four years

How would clients contact your firm?

• Go to our website, www.dreamkitchens.com
• Call us 847-433-2400
• Visit our store: 806 Central Avenue, Highland Park IL

Thanks Rick! Here’s a beautiful design by Dream Kitchens to inspire your own dreamy outdoor kitchen space:


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