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Ah yes, the count-down has begun.  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah (which has already started) or Christmas, this is crunch week.  If you haven’t found that perfect gift you’re probably feeling that pit-of-the-stomach fear that you won’t get it in time.


The true wonder of the holidays is the joy that you experience being with those you love (and like).  Take a breath, relax, and contemplate some ideas for alternative gifts that require little more than your presence.

  • For a friend: Invite them to breakfast, lunch, or even an after-work drink and pick up the tab.  An hour of your time spent with a pal is one of the best gifts ever.
  • For a child: A trip to the zoo to sing to the animals, a movie date, or even a shopping excursion focused on them (it’s ok to set a limit to spend!)
  • For your spouse: Get a babysitter for a weekend day and go out and play.  Just the two of you.
  • For a co-worker: A donation to their favorite charity, or the gift of a favorite food that you’ve made especially for them (only if you’re a decent cook! No burnt cookies, please!)
  • For an employee: Cash is king, or a little extra time off with pay.

None of these need to be extravagant. None need to be done exactly on the holiday.  A great little card with your gift written inside is perfect.  The idea is to show someone that you care enough to spend time with them, or give them some time away from their usual cares and concerns.

I wish you all the very best of the holidays and may you enjoy the time with your loved ones!

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