Houzz 2020 Trend Report for Bathrooms

So, what’s the latest and greatest in Bathroom design? Houzz surveyed over 1500 users across the country during the months of June and July this year, and this is what people are saying about what they want in their bathrooms – food for thought if you’re contemplating making a change for yourself in the near future!

  • Style- “Modern” has edged out “Transitional” by about 2%. You might be asking what “Modern” is or afraid that it means sterile and white. “Modern” can be best described by clean lines, but with the warmth of color, texture and sometimes whimsy. Take a look at these:

Believe it or not, the “Farmhouse” style once so popular thanks to Chip and Joanna comes in dead last in the Houzz survey.

  • Almost half of respondents are looking for a relaxing experience in the shower or tub. Incidentally, many are removing tubs altogether for a larger shower. I’ve been seeing that trend for a few years with my clients.
  • Accent walls and lighting are important design elements. I love accent walls, which can be created in a number of ways. From a stellar tile enveloping an entire wall, to an interesting paint color or even mural there are many ways to create a “wow” effect. When it comes to lighting, LED fixtures allow for bright light and low energy consumption, not to mention so many beautiful designs!

Next week we’ll talk about some other trends from the Houzz report! 

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