Houzz Bathroom Trends

Last week we talked about some of the results of Houzz’ Bathroom Trend report, in which they polled around 1500 users from across the country to find out what trends are shaping choices for bathrooms.  Here are some more trends we’re seeing which can assist you in considering what’s important to you for your remodel or new build.

  • You have a love-hate relationship with tubs.  They’re either eliminated entirely for a larger shower or they become a star in the bathroom in the form of free-standing, flat-bottomed tubs, or deeper soaking tubs.  Gone (for the most part) are the Jacuzzi tubs of old.  Sometimes clients have old tubs that seem to take over the whole room and don’t get me started on the tiled stairs leading to it!


  • Floating vanities are becoming more popular!  I find that you can still have great storage without the heaviness of cabinets sitting on the ground.  This trend also speaks to the tilting towards a more “Modern” design aesthetic. 


  • Premium features worth the splurge.  Remodels and new construction always have trade-offs between splurges and saves.  I assist my clients in finding the right balance between getting the best products and also the best look for the investment.  Sometimes we scale back in one place to allow for a to-die-for element somewhere else.  Here are the items that respondents felt were worth the splurge (and I agree);
    • One piece toilets with dual flush and bidet seats -in some respects this choice actually saves money because you don’t need to buy a toilet and bidet and being able to reduce water usage per flush saves on the water bill.
    • Rainfall shower heads and dual showers – many of my clients are taking advantage of these along with body sprays and hand-held wands for a full water experience!
    • Soaking tubs – we touched on this earlier and last week as well.  There are so many fabulous tubs out there that can become focal points of a spectacular bath while allowing you to have a “Calgon take me away!” moment. For those of you too young to get that, google “Calgon, take me away!” 


While these trend reports can help guide you in creating the bath of your dreams, professional assistance from designers, contractors and architects are the absolute best way to protect your investment and ensure your dreams don’t become nightmares!

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