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Have the recent storms in Chicago affected you?  Perhaps you lost power and your sump-pump and are one of the many who have lost a lot of what was in their basement.  While it stinks (literally as well as figuratively) that you’ve had to part with stuff, perhaps it’s just the incentive you need to reimagine your space.

Were you using your basement in a way that really worked for you, or did it just accumulate stuff because you didn’t know what to do with it? Or has it became a graveyard for your kids’ old games and toys?  Now that you have to re-do it anyway, what would be  a good use of the space?  Could you add a guest room, or finally have that media room that you wanted?  What about an office or exercise space? Дам Деньги в долг Липецк.

Would you like your basement to look like this?

My suggestion is to really contemplate how you’d really like to use the space before you dive in and just replace what was there.  If you need help, it just so happens that I know this designer..

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