Pretty in Pink???

Have you heard about THE color for 2011?  It’s called Honeysuckle by Pantone.  Color # 18-2120.  Quite a color, and based on some of the responses I’ve read, you either love it or hate it! 

Honeysuckle by Pantone
Honeysuckle 18-2120 from Pantone

Leatrice Eisman- the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, and “America’s leading color expert” says of this color; ” It derives its positive qualities from a powerful bond to its mother color red, (really?) the most physical, viscerally alive hue in the spectrum”.  Ok, Ms. Eisman has a really good copy writer there.  In fact, I would guess that he or she has recently left Washington D.C. 

And just who is Pantone and what gives them the right to choose our “Color of the Year”?  Shouldn’t its selection  be made more like “The People’s Choice Awards”?   Well, here’s the story on Pantone, in case you didn’t know.  According to their website, they’re the “color of ideas”, a color research and information center that shares its color expertise with professionals in a variety of industries.  They also study how color influences thought processes, emotions and physical reactions.  Ok, so they know their colors. 

They recommend using Honeysuckle on accessories like pillows, bedspreads, small appliances and table top accessories.  Well, I’m glad to know that they’re recommending it for SMALL appliances.  How’d you like to see a big ol’ refrigerator in that color!  It’d be just dandy if you have a huge hangover and just want to grab a glass of juice.  YEOW! 

Seriously, though.  I like the color.  It’s cheerful, friendly, upbeat, and I can see it paired with creams, charcoal grey, black, greens, deep navy, white, and believe it or not, orange.  Ok, it’s not a color for everyone.  You’ve got to have some confidence to pull it off.  For some people, it’s just too “different”, too “drastic”.  I say, give it a try!  Actually, I received a sweater in this color as a Christmas gift, and I love it!  Of course, it’s in the palette of colors that I love to wear so it wasn’t “unusual”.  I’d love a fabulous pair of shoes in this color!  It probably won’t appear in a small appliance in my home, but I’ll enjoy it as the colors of Tulips or Azaleas that will grace my table, along with some great table linens and possibly even bed linens (although my very manly-man husband might object). 

Great shoes!!

I don’t know that I’d call it “the Color of the Year”, but the year’s just begun!  Let’s wait and see.  What do you think?? Do you love it or hate it?

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