Product Innovator Awards from KBIS 2020!

For the next few weeks, I’m going to introduce (and comment on, of course) some products that were voted as some of the most innovative products around by a panel of kitchen and bath industry professionals earlier this year at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. As this show was held earlier this year, it was an in-person and not virtual event! Here are some of my favorites:

  1. First Place for Kitchen Innovation is Fotile’s 3-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher!  Just take a look at how cool this is. 

Not only is it a sink and dishwasher all in one place, but you can also wash produce in the dishwasher! Not while you’re washing dishes, of course. This would be fabulous for a tiny kitchen, bar area, butler’s pantry or 2nd kitchen!
  1. Second place for Kitchen Innovation is GE’s Café Quad Door Refrigerator. It’s a 4-door refrigerator with a convertible temperature zone that offers the flexibility to store different foods in different seasons. There’s a compartment that can double as a freezer when you need more freezer space, a wipeable glass-overlay surface for jotting your list while standing at the fridge and has a fingerprint free finish. Additionally, I like the integrated pocket handles as a space-saving feature when opening the door in tight spaces.
  1. Second place for Bath Innovation is Kohler’s Eir Intelligent Toilet.  If you want the only the best for your tush, this is the toilet for you.  It features a sleek tankless design with an optional rose gold or gold decorative ring around the lid for you design fans.  It also backs up to the wall so the plumbing and electrical connections are hidden.  Again, sleek design.  There’s a UV sanitizing wand that delivers an electrolyzed water spray to clean the surfaces, hands-free opening and closing, adjustable and customizable water sprays, a heated seat, and night light.  On the “green” side of things, it offers dual flush modes for water conservation.  You can even adjust all of the cleansing properties with a remote control.  A must-have for anyone who wants the ultimate in their bathroom experience!


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