The Post-COVID Kitchen

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of our lives in myriad ways. Certainly, our responses to germs have changed since the beginning of the year. With COVID continuing, and regular flu-season upon us again, it’s time to contemplate what changes you might need to make your home as healthy, comfortable and stress-free as possible. I’ve put together these 5 tips to consider when thinking of remodeling your kitchen. 

1. Has your cooking changed?

Panel-ready refrigerator drawer options from Sub-Zero Wolf

If you have more cooks in the kitchen, are eating more fresh foods or pre-packaged meals, you might want to consider adding a refrigerator or freezer drawer in your prep area.  It helps keep all ingredients handy for whatever you need.  Maybe even in a breakfast bar area or baking area.  Speaking of baking areas, how about this tricked out drawer to hold all your baking needs?  Talk about reducing countertop clutter!

2. Do you need WFH space?

Do you need to carve out some WFH or remote learning space?  We can do that in a number of ways.  From commandeering an under-utilized pantry or corner nook to incorporating charging drawers for laptops, tablets and phones, we can help you keep your sanity with a dedicated work area that seamlessly flows into the rest of the space.

3. What about light and air quality?

Wolf Downdraft

Air quality is so important. Good ventilation not only removes cooking odors and grease, but harmful gasses that are created during cooking. Whether it’s a down-draft, chimney hood or one that’s built into cabinetry, good ventilation is a must. Regarding lighting options, there are so many great options these days to light up the interiors of cabinets to help you find everything you need, and I always encourage clients to have multiple light sources to enhance function in the kitchen. Check out the lighting in this blind corner unit:

4. How about clutter control?

When it comes to controlling clutter, Greenfield and Siteline cabinets allow me to help clients customize the interiors to keep countertops free of “stuff” and make working in the kitchen easier. From dedicated plastic container storage to unique ways to access and utilize the cabinet above the fridge, there is something for just about every storage need. 

5. How do you promote cleanliness?

We’re all more concerned with cleanliness and reducing the spread of germs, so here are some great options for you to consider.  The first one is a trash drawer that opens when you break a beam of light with your foot.  No more chicken hands touching the trash handle!! To close it up you can just wave your foot underneath again or give it a gentle push with your knee.  Or how about this handy step-stool to help the little ones get to the sink for washing their hands? When not it use, simply fold it up and slip it back into the slot beside the sink.

Lastly, one of the most anti-microbial surfaces you can use in your kitchen is (drumroll, please) manufactured quartz countertops like the Cambria samples you see here! They are far less porous than granite countertops and so easy to maintain and they come in so many gorgeous styles.

These are just a few helpful tips of things to consider when it’s time to make your kitchen a family-friendly place! For even more ideas, including video clips of innovative new products, check out our pinterest board.

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