Top 5 Kitchen Trends

Now that the yearly trade show for the kitchen and bath industry (KBIS) has passed, it’s time to update you on the latest trends.  I unfortunately missed the show as I scheduled an out-of-town vacation during that week, but have been updated thanks to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) who keeps us in the know.

The 5 top trends for 2012:

1.  Cherry Not Picked:  Designers are saying that clients are heading towards other woods for their cabinetry, such as Oak (that’s a surprise!), walnut, birch and bamboo.

Courtesy of, I like the dark and light combo

2.  The Dark Side:  More dark finishes are being used (58% of the time according to the NKBA).  Would someone please let the design magazine publishers know this??  Pick up any design magazine and what you find is white, white, white.  Of course, magazines don’t always reflect reality (you think?)

Love the watery color of this glass tile backsplash!


3.  Be Transparent:  Glass in the backsplash is very au courant.  It’s not only beautiful, but easy to clean and there are so many ways of utilizing it.  From glass tile through glass panels, there’s something for every style.

4.  Let There Be Light: LED light, specifically.  It’s being used more often as it’s “green” and much lower in profile than CFL’s or incandescents.

Dark, light, transitional, this kitchen has it all! Courtesy of Jennifer Charleston of twenty7 design workshop


5.  Transitioning:  More people are choosing transitional style (between contemporary and traditional.  Softer than contemporary and cleaner lines than traditional) over traditional.  Contemporary style is the next most frequently requested.  Seems people are choosing less embellishment and simpler lines.

So there you have some of the most current kitchen trends!  While I always recommend that you choose what you love, it’s good to know what is current in order to make the best decisions.  After all, unlike clothing, you’re going to live with those choices for quite a while!

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