Would You Choose Wood?

For your countertops?  In a recent article in Kitchen & Bath Business, Brad Baker  talks about the emerging trend of wood countertops in the kitchen.  Actually, I should say the re-emerging trend.  Wood, with its inherent warmth, durability and longevity was actually the first choice for countertops until after WWII when laminates and ceramic tile became the newest options.

Teak countertop

Right now, Europeans are choosing wood countertops more often with Scandinavia leading the way with 40% of countertops  chosen being of wood.  The U.S. is currently at 7%.

So what’s so great about a wood countertop?

  • They’re beautiful, natural, and can come in colors from pale beiges to nearly black with many different thicknesses.
  • They’re softer on the eye and on your knives (if you choose to cut on it) and dishes than granite or other stones.
  • Oh yeah, you can choose to use it as a cutting board if you like the patina that you’ll create.
  • Adding a wood countertop on an island or other element, lends a warm contrast and the look of an “unfitted” kitchen as opposed to the rigidity of everything matching.
  • Many choices in looks, from the heavily striated zebrawood to the simplicity of Maple or Oak
  • Different finish choices depending upon how you want to use it or the level of sheen you want.
  • Can be a great eco-friendly choice if using recycled wood from old warehouses, homes, barns, old wine or whiskey barrels.
  • Easily repaired depending upon finish chosen.  A simple light sanding buffs out any boo-boos.
Reclaimed wine barrels

The list can go on and on.  What I like most about a wood countertop is being able to see its beautiful grain and colors in a large swath, and the way it can warm up even the most minimal designs.  

End grain pattern

What do you think?  Would wood be a good choice for your home?  Why or why not?

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