Your Dream (Remodeling) Team

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Welcome back!  Last week I talked about the need to compose a “dream team” when you’re embarking on a remodeling project.  This week, I’d like to introduce the members that may make up your team, and how they help bring you the home you’ve always wanted.

I’ll introduce them in alphabetical order – so as not to offend anyone!

  1. Architect- if you’re planning a major remodel, addition, or any sort of project that affects the structure and structural stability of your home, you’ll need an architect on your team.  Sometimes, they’re the first point of contact, sometimes they’re brought in by others on your team.

2.  Contractor: They coordinate the performance of all the necessary work.  I can’t stress enough the importance of having a good contractor.  You need to have someone who is trustworthy, competent, and someone you can have a good rapport with.  Of all your team members, you’ll see their “people” most often.  They’ll practically be living with you during demolition and construction.

3.  Interior Designer:  Can assist you from the concept through completion of your project.  Can be instrumental in bringing your ideas together into a cohesive whole and in pulling it all together with the creation of the design, material and color selections, and finishing touches.

When creating your “dream team” you can select one team member who will often introduce or refer you to people they know and work with well, but most will be flexible enough to work with whomever you select.

The important thing to remember in selecting your team is to look for those who communicate well and enjoy the collaborative process.  A great team can capitalize on each others’ expertise and take your project from good to fabulous!

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