Cool, Calm and Collected

Tips and Advice
If the lazy days of summer have left you unprepared for the harried hubub of the school year, here are a few organizing tips to help you calmly sail through!
#1.  Take a look at Better Homes and Gardens mud-room bookcase organizer.
I think it offers a great way to organize within a relatively small space.
#2.  Here’s a great way to organize all the school paraphenalia from the Container Store (one of my favorites!)
The Elfa Drop Zone free-standing organizer
I love that this has a way to corral almost everything into one place!
#3.  Put a shoe caddy or two (or one for each member of the family) in the foyer closet to corral boots and shoes when they walk in from school. Individual plastic or canvas bins for hats, gloves and scarves (yes, we’ll be needing them soon!) can also save time in the morning rush.
Yes, I know.  The hardest part about staying organized is getting everyone to cooperate!  I find that if you give them a cool place for “their stuff”, they’re more likely to use it!
Here’s to a calm and “collected” school year!
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