Design Project Diary- Day 8

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We’re making progress!  The wall tile is almost complete, the mirror is partially installed and the guys come to measure for the custom shower doors on Friday.  Yee ha! 

Now that’s not to say that there haven’t been a couple of “issues” along the way.  Yesterday I was on the phone with the contractor in the morning because his tile guy didn’t think our inset of glass tiles was going to look good- AND we didn’t have enough.  I was a little confused as we had planned carefully so as to have enough of all our materials. 

I contacted the client and made my recommendations that we could use just one strip of the glass tile instead of two as it didn’t seem like we had enough.  She was fine with that, but in the meantime the contractor called me back and said that after our discussion, he understood what we were trying to do and did in fact have enough and it would look good.  Seems that my drawings didn’t reflect the exact measurements of the tiles!  Good thing we talked!  As I’ve said- the contractor is GREAT because he does call if there’s a question and we can work it out.  Crisis averted!

Next issue- the vanity may be too heavy to hang from the wall.  We’ve chosen a “floating” vanity which doesn’t sit on the floor, and although the contractor is going to reinforce the walls, he’s concerned that the metal studs plus his reinforcement won’t be enough.  We certainly don’t want the wall to come down, and considering there will be additional weight from the granite countertop, we want to be sure it will remain secure.  Worse case scenario is we have to come up with some legs for the vanity.  Got the brain working on Plan B already. 

Last issue for today: The cutting for approval for the coverlet fabric for the bedroom is still not right!  The color is significantly off from our sample.  Arrrgh!  I’ll have to call the fabric house again tomorrow and see if we can send them our sample to use for comparison.  Are we having fun yet?  Actually, yes.  Despite the ups and downs of construction and fabrics, I’m having fun because we’re getting closer and closer to seeing the project completed, and knowing that the client will be able to soon enjoy her beautiful new rooms.  Here are the pictures of the progress!

Tiled wall, with opening for niche, under construction
Shower niche
Tiled wall in light grey with inset of glass mosaic tiles in various blue and brown colors
Glass tile inset
vanity mirror under construction
Partial installation on vanity mirror

Check back soon for more updates!

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