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Think of a time when a window treatment really captured your attention. Did it beautifully enhance the overall look of the room or was it outdated, under-done, or poorly done? There are so many options for dressing windows that there’s no reason to suffer with unattractive windows. Choosing the right style for you depends on the answers to a few questions:

  1. What are your primary needs in dressing the window?
  2. a. Privacy
    b. Light Control or blocking
    c. Hide a less-than-lovely view
    d. Enhance the look of the room

    Most of us have a combination of answers so it’s good to know which one is most important.

  3. How do you feel about window treatments?
  4. a. I love an opulent look with draperies and top treatments
    b. I prefer to enhance my room with window treatments but don’t want them to be the primary focus
    c. I prefer to frame the beautiful view outside instead of looking at window treatments

    This is great information to have when deciding what to do with your windows.

  5. What’s the overall style and formality of this room?
  6. a. Sleek and sophisticated
    b. Richly decorated with a lot of embellishments
    c. Simple and spare

    Here are some great examples of different styles:

This week’s Facebook post shows a window treatment that won’t win a beauty award! Take a look and share what you think.

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